Wednesday, December 30, 2015



This blog is a companion to the "Empowering All Learners (and Teachers) Through Interactive Multimedia Technology" workshops I plan to offer during 2016. 

This blog will include references, resources about educational interactive multimedia technology.

One goal I have for this blog is to provide a means for educators to showcase their successes as they integrate multimedia technology into their teaching and learning environments.

For more information about interactive multimedia technology, feel free to take a look at the wide range of blog posts on the Interactive Multimedia Technology blog, a resource that originally was intended as resource for participants of workshops I facilitated in 2006, nearly ten years ago!   Most post contain visual and/or multimedia content and links to resources for those interested in exploring topics in-depth.

Additional educational technology resources can be found on a Pinterest site I curate for NUITEQ, a Swedish-based software company, and partners.


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